Dubwise Productions

Dubwise Productions is a record label that was formed in London in 1994 by Chris Jay (now Champion Sound director) and David Slayen. Their first two releases were two infamous jungle 12's, 'Champion Sound' and 'Junglist Soldjah'. After that release they focused on their main love: UK roots reggae.

Their first reggae release “Babylon Pressure'' was a sound system hit and was also played on radio one by John Peel and Andy Kershaw.

Since the release of Babylon Pressure, Dubwise Productions has focused solely on producing roots reggae music. With a catalogue of releases, they have gained a reputation for working with established and emerging artists. Having migrated from the UK to Australia in 2006, producer Chris Jay is now residing in Brisbane, tropical Queensland and has established Dubwise recording studio there.

Currently working with a wealth of emerging talent from Australia, the Pacific region and the world, Dubwise Productions continues to release the latest in Nu School roots reggae.


Champion Sound Productions

Champion Sound started the record label after years of being involved in youth engagement and community development activities. One of our most in demand programs involved our music making workshops in which we helped participants write and record their own songs.

What became clear was that there is a wealth of talent here in Australia. However to reach their full potential, a level of artist development, mentoring and management is required.

Champion Sound record label aims to identify and provide emerging artists with a chance to develop careers in the music industry. The music we produce is broadly based around urban music (reggae, hip hop, electronic).

The label aims to provide artists with the support, product and skills that they need along with marketing and performance opportunities.